Diamond Strong Storage

July 19, 2022 1 min read

We pride ourselves on engineering and manufacturing excellence and have rigorous quality standards associated with our designs.  With a background and experience in metal and resin materials, we are always evaluating and exploring alternative materials, manufacturing processes or design improvements to continuously lower costs and improve function. 

  • Technical expertise 


  • Extensive manufacturing background


  • Lean Trained


  • Alternative Materials & Manufacturing Processes 


  • Design Improvement Engineering


  • Rigorous Quality Standards

Some Background on the Materials Found in Our Products:


  • Steel – an alloy made up of iron and carbon and broken down into several types and various grades of steel (carbon steel being the most common).  At Diamond, we work with various processing technologies (fabricated sheet metal being our core), material thickness, and platings.   Recommended reading for more information: https://worldsteel.org/about-steel/steel-facts/


  • Stainless Steel – an iron-based alloy with chromium and carbon.  The chromium prevents oxidation, creating a corrosion-resistant product.  A great choice for products that require a high degree of cleaning and sanitization, strength and durability, tolerance of temperature or weather changes, or when aesthetics is important.  Recommended reading for more information: https://www.worldstainless.org/Files/issf/non-image-files/PDF/Euro_Inox/WhenHealthComesFirst_EN.pdf


  • Aluminum – not naturally found in the Earth’s crust, aluminum comes from bauxite (a sedimentary rock).  It is a versatile metal that is highly recyclable and a great choice when lightweight solutions are needed.  Recommended reading for more information:  https://www.aluminum.org/aluminum-miracle-metal

Give us a call at 1-800-931-7594 or email us at info@diamondstoragesolutions.com if you’d like to discuss ideas or build a strategy.   We love to network and collaborate!