Healthcare Purchasing News ft. Diamond Storage Solutions

March 07, 2023 1 min read

“When challenges arise, it’s typically systems or processes to blame, not people. Although it may not be the ‘easiest’ or ‘fastest’ to solve, isolating the root cause of problems and solving them are the key to sustainable (and more predictable) results. 

At Diamond, we hear quite often about the frustrations of cords running across the floor of operating rooms. When you have a lot of equipment in a confined space in an environment that is highly uncertain, chaotic, and urgent -- efficiency and thoughtful planning is essential to ensure the safety of staff and deliver quality patient care. 

The importance of thoughtful planning and smart configuration of room setup at the outset cannot be understated. Equipment should be versatile and mobile, supplies should be stored off the ground, attached to walls, housed in cabinets that are built into and flush with the wall, or attached to ceiling mounted booms to limit the amount of extension cords needed."

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